Oct 20, 2010

Sharing the Latest

We were absent for much of September and must confess we were overwhelmed by an opportunity of a life-time. After weeks of intense negotiations and prayers MyEliteGrocer (MEG) 'landed' an exciting service partnership with a leading company in the Constant Spring area. This deal will facilitate the distribution channel of a wide variety of MEG products including freshly baked Jamaican goodies, healthy salads and fresh fruit platters (for lunch, events or just because). We promise to reveal more in early November. Suffice it to say we are EXCITED!

Much love to those who reached out to wish us a happy anniversary on Oct 14th. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come.  Join us at Devon House for Market at the Lawn on Oct 31st (10a.m - 5p.m). Prizes will be in store exclusively for our MEG friends on Facebook and Twitter between 10a.m and Noon. Be sure to say I love Meg.

New Hire
We crowd-sourced a job opening and thankfully a new team member, a sparkling lady, will be joining MEG next Wednesday! Just in time for the Christmas season.

Christmas Cakes
Our special blend of fruits for delectable Christmas cakes have been soaked in 'feel-good' Jamaican rum with a dollop of surprise :-). Had a taste and let me tell you this year's cakes will be Megalicious and then some! 

At a price of only J$1,200/US$14 for a 2-lb cake, get ready to place orders for your clients, customers or loved ones, based locally and overseas. Please e-mail: order@myelitegrocer.com NOTE: Cake samples and corporate rates are available.

Upcoming Events:
  • 29Oct10: Friday, 4-Square Swarm Party@Chilito's (8p.m - Midnight) 
Conceptualized by @DmitriDawkins and @Persephone101, Jamaica's first Four-Square Party will kick off at Chilito's Restaurant at 94 Hope Road, Kgn 6.
Along with NCB and Fiction Night Club, we have sponsored this cutting-edge event where one lucky four-square user will have the chance to earn Jamaica's first 'swarm' badge. Do join us for this historic occasion. 'Twitterers', the event's hash-tag is #4sqpartyja 
  • 31Oct10: Sunday, Devon House - Market at the Lawn  (10a.m - 5p.m)
We will be at Devon House in Kingston. Items on sale include fresh Fruit Kebabs, Fruit Salads and Baked Goodies (Plantain tarts, Coconut Macaroon cookies, Cheesecake and more). 
Get 50% OFF your MEG cake slice between Noon and 3p.m when you  say "MEG-ala-MODE" and show us your Devon House ice-cream receipt*  [* Receipts dated Oct31 only]

 How is that for Megalicious cake a la mode?

Come on over and connect with us in person. 

Warning: MEG is 100% Organic Love


Monique 'Mahima' aka Mons

On a more somber note, a very good friend and megalicious client, Mahima, recently passed away. Mahima shared her valiant battle with cancer with many  and via Facebook documented thoughts, mood, photos (before and after chemo treatments) along with her interpretation of poems written by Tagore, Rumi and Gibran, to name a few. With each post her friends and family  were inspired on many levels.  It is largely due to Monique's dynamism that we are all 'cancer positive' and passionately pink. 


I was privileged to have spent time with Mahima especially whenever she craved German chocolates and her favorite, marzipan. We spoke about many things - life including fun preparatory school days, ideas for MEG, on being Gemini and of course chocolates.  I cherished then every moment of our cerebral conversations. Of late however I find myself having a deeper understanding of things she and I discussed and an even greater and more special appreciation for 'time'. This was not my first experience with loss but a loss that has gotten underneath my skin, that has kept me awake deep in thought; many a night. Why her? Why so soon? And just plain curious about what made Monique so courageous...so positive?


In one full swoop, I stepped back from MEG, from everything and found my way to Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios (a popular tourist attraction that I always wanted to visit - but repeatedly postponed until 'so and so' was in JA) and later Evita's Italian Restaurant (my 2nd visit). What caused this sudden change?

'It' came to me. Because of 'it', every meal I had tasted superbly.  Through these eyes, everything I saw was beautiful. Affected by sunlight or not;  fearful or not, I swam with stingrays and dolphins. Being voluptuous or petite, diet or no diet, ill or well - I got 'it' - we are perfectly painted by the Creator and lessons get revealed when ('it') is 'time'... when we are perfectly 'ready'.  The sooner we stop questioning; removing all the 'whys' ('why so soon', 'why her', 'why me') and embrace ourselves; love despite our imperfections, and as Mahima last shared "sometimes we need to step away from the 'hum and rush'  to hear God's voice," the sooner our  lives will be fulfilled; the sooner we will 'be'.


People, sites and sounds (everyday things - right in front of us),  are perfectly wonderful and 'it', 'they','ALL' are meant to be enjoyed. No delays - LIVE NOW. Mahima's Facebook status would often say "Mahima is doing Life" - that my friends is what I intend on doing. Take my hand and come nuh?


Am thankful to Mahima for the reminder of life's most important lesson and ask that God give her family strength as they mourn a truly beautiful human being. Love and Light.



- Megaliciously yours