Sep 15, 2010

Delicious, Fashion's Night Out (FNO) and Food Quiz Winners

Thanks to the Jamaica Observer, international Fashion's Night Out (FNO), returned to our shores and created a huge buzz across the island. Congrats to the team for the 'hurricane effect' that got the masses to hit the streets to take advantage of discounted fashions at numerous retail shops.

Many of my peers said #FNOJA was a great idea but just bad timing for Jamaicans given as one Facebook friend coined "BTS" (Back to School). Yes dear friends many pockets were weak but the eyes were rich with sight as 'window shopping' was the order of the evening. At least that was our observation at stores we visited. Despite the traffic, my team and I decided to venture to the first store on our list - Nylorac Beauty Bar. One may say make-up has no business with food but stay with us and you'll see the surprise connection.

En route to Nylorac, we stumbled upon breath-taking decor displayed in the common area by TaiFloraLuxe that created a great entrance and vibe to the fun-filled evening that lied ahead.
Once we got over the TaiFloraLuxe wow effect, whimsical bubbles greeted us at Nylorac's entrance which completed the FNO ambiance. 

Carolyn Yapp is Miss Jamaica Universe 2009 and owner of Nylorac (it's her name spelt backwards). She has a warm personality but it is her sense of humor that sealed the deal to make MyEliteGrocer (Meg), a loyal customer. Hope you will find these purse-worthy gum packages to be humorous as much as we did.
Soy candles and products made with various food-based scents like sweet, organic coconut oil, Mediterranean fig and pomegranate appealed to Meg's yummy-sensibilities. With a single whiff of Pacificia's Brazilian Mango Grapefruit solid perfume, Meg was mesmerized and immediately thought about the many occasions to wear it. Evening and or everyday wear rang popular. The compact perfume may be deemed pricey however when one considers the ease of travel (with no opportunity for spillage) coupled with its concentrated formula, shoppers will come to find that the cost is justifiable. 

When next stuck in traffic along Barbican Road, pop into Nylorac at Loshusan's Center they'll be sure to have your fix for a calming and relaxing evening alone or with that special someone. By the way testers are on display to help make the best choice.
 Well done on your unique & oustanding product selection, Carolyn
The Nylorac Beauty Bar is here to stay. Visit!

FNO came to a close for us at Flirt Boutique. There Meg munched on generous helpings of roasted red pepper hummus with whole wheat cracker and chicken pasta salad with almond and black olives. This was complemented by a glass of Merlot (I forgot to get the name :-() but it was 'delish'! Unsure if we were swayed by the red wine or not but our NCB KeycardBiz made an appearance in support of FNO... Really we simply had to 'land' a flirtatious little, black dress and tidbits (wink).

Hey we even spotted Jamaican mega-entertainer, Sean Paul, rocking his 'mohawk-do' at Flirt. He and his friends certainly made for great FNO vibe. Cheers to making #FNOJA even bigger and better in 2011!

Literally 5-min after posting our food quiz, Dmitri Dawkins correctly answered with NONI and won 1-dz plantain tarts. Here he is receiving his prize.Congrats again Dmitri!
It was the bonus question that proved to be more challenging and as @sweetpersona stated after 3 unsuccessful attempts for the prized coconut macaroon cookies, "this is gonna give me a headache." Shortly after that pronouncement, Tricia, a new visitor to our blog made the right guess. THE ANSWER ladies and gentlemen was SEA ALMOND! Congrats Tricia, please contact us so arrangements can be made to deliver your gift.

Much thanks to everyone who participated in the last Food Quiz. Better luck next time.

This secluded watering hole, recently hosted a bird fest. The bird is prepared in three ways - Honey garlic, escoveitched and deep fried bird. Yum, yum and yum, they are all delicious. Make no mistake the average Joe will not have the special 'bird' touch that Chef Lancelot is known for. Just like rice only special hands can wondrously 'swell' the 'bickle'. So each year, many local game fans especially the Driftwood Gun Club members, visit Medusa to enjoy the bird fare. The Jamaica Gleaner covered last Tuesday's event and in my humble view, did a great job. Click here to check it out or go one better and take friends along for the experience - every Tuesday before the Bird Season ends.

- Megaliciously yours

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