Mar 6, 2009

Fortune Magazine and Founder of My Elite Grocer (MEG)

Gale Peart, the Founder of and Caribbean Fortress Limited, had a nice long chuckle on seeing her question posed to Sir Richard Branson in Chinese! Click here

"你如何与外界保持联系?用 BlackBerry 还是 iPhone?

盖尔·皮尔特(Gale Peart),牙买加金斯敦

目前是用 BlackBerry,它能让我完全摆脱办公室。它让我拥有了自己的生活"。

The funny lesson is, there's no translation for BlackBerry or iPhone. Go figure even with the former being a fruit one can still get the essence of the question if you were stuck with the Chinese magazine edition.

Fortune Magazine
The English version of Gale's question was actually noted in the Nov 10th (USA) issue (p. 40).
Of the 8 questions submitted, she thought then the 'cheesiest' was selected but now Miss Peart can see its universality especially given the keen interest in U.S President Obama's smart-phone preference. Either way she had a HUGE smile upon seeing her name and country in print. So the question...

"How do you stay connected, Blackberry, i-Phone?"

LOL! But there's a likely 'gem' in Branson's response that perhaps can be linked to My Elite Grocer... "At the moment, it's BlackBerry, which gives me the freedom to keep well clear of any office. It lets me have a life" said the 2008 Innovator of the Year Recipient.

Well, well My Elite Grocer facilitates Home. Life. Balance... a stretch you think? lol

So our hand has been revealed MEG thinks Richard Branson is simply brilliant. How about you?

Ever wonder what ''14 and a half hours with Richard' is like? Have a look here

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