Mar 1, 2009

MEG at Kingston BETA

My Elite Grocer (MEG) was invited by Ingrid Riley, CEO of, to participate in the PITCH THIS! segment at Kingston BETA - Feb 26th at Susie's Bakery. It was our first public speaking engagement, 3minutes, and we had a blast! You might be thinking what exactly is Kingston BETA? As noted on the Group's Face Book account , "It's an event series aimed at raising the awareness of Internet and mobile trends, technologies and opportunities and what they can do for various industries in Jamaica."

the ingenuity of Howard Johnson Jr., Howard Johnson Realty and his wicked, white Mac laptop, MEG's Power point presentation came to life solidifying the positive vibe from the audience. A Q&A segment followed our presentation where the following were posed: -
  • Michael A. Edwards aka Jazzofonik, inquired about the acceptance of Magna cards by MEG. We happily said that that can be noted as a part of the payment option when an order is placed. MEG will then seek to pass on Magna discounts, rewards and or points to the customer.
  • Another member of the audience asked if MEG does shopping at specific supermarkets to which we emphasised our business philosophy - elite customer service. So while shopping is done with specific Food & Beverage providers, MEG can purchase groceries at locations as expressed by customers.
  • The final question was how much does the MEG grocery shopping and delivery service cost? While a response was being given, brochures were made available for the Attendees to peruse. Our flat-fee service packages, for the Jamaican market, start from as low as J$600 for the Forgetter-Roo service whilst the MEG 9.69 Run (ahead of the rest) and Working Singlez, Momz 'n Popz is valued at J$969.69 and J$1,500 (inclusive of G.C.T and delivery within the Corporate area), respectively. Annual membership for MEG is only J$1,200 and allow members to receive a range of discounts, rewards and benefits for example, credit card payment option (upon completing the 'Getting-To-Know You' application), Grocery concierge - wine tips and recipe items for an event etc. Click here for other MEG services.
Towards the end of our business pitch Gale Peart, CEO of MEG presented Ingrid Riley, Hostess of the evening's event, with a customized Gift Package to express MEG's appreciation and gratitude for the Kgn BETA invitation. Everyone was encouraged to "Join the MEG Life" by visiting or calling: 876.512.2638 to place their grocery orders.

Feel free to print a MEG brochure. We look forward to hearing from you :-)


  1. Very nice recap....I like your very own "pitch this" section for Howard Johnson Realty. By the way, white mac might soon be changed. Thanks Gale. Keep up you excellent work and lets take JA by storm! BLESS!!!!

  2. Thanks Jr :). Happy you liked the Howard Johnson Realty highlight (and link). No doubt MEG and HJR will have a strong hold in Jamaica, bit by bit.

  3. Sounds like is was a nice event. Gosh, how I miss Ja.

  4. It sure was Mike. Looking forward to hosting you on your return trip to Jamaica. This Group is ripe for TPE evangelism :-)


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